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I'm a very lucky man and I know it. I've done a bit of writing over the years; travel and business magazines mostly; but I've done a lot more fishing. These stories are made up from the original, unedited, travel pieces that have been commissioned by or placed in a variety of publications throughout the world and over the years. Online I get to ramble a bit more...

So come fishing with me for Trout in the rivers and lochs of Scotland; Salmon , Grilse and Sea trout from classic Scottish beats like Tulchan on the River Spey; or we can head to Russia to fish the Middle Varzuga or the Ponoi for the huge numbers of fresh Atlantic salmon which pour into the Kola Peninsula each year when the ice melts. Or maybe even Alaska for King (Chinook) salmon...

Perhaps you'd prefer to go into the oceans of the world and catch Blue marlin in Mauritius, White marlin in Venezuela, Striped marlin in Cabo San Lucas, Black marlin in Panama and Sailfish in Costa Rica. Inshore we can catch kingfish, redfish and sharks.

Having said all of that, I'm no expert and these pages do not hold gems of wisdom that will help you get more or bigger fish. They are merely the musings of a traveller who understands that catching fish is the objective, but not entirely the point, of fishing.

And, as often happens, what started as a hobby website grew arms and legs until it eventually became a full-blown book. In February 2004 it was published under the slightly enhanced title Game Fishing Diaries: Details from Fishing in Life and is now available from most outlets from as little a $2.99 on Amazon Kindle. In November 2011 Volume 2 made an appearance also available on Kindle

Game Fishing Diaries - Volume 1

Game Fishing Diaries - Volume 2

The stories are all here online anyway which kinda defeats any commercial goals my publishers may have had for me but then I didn't do it for the money - and, anyway, the publishers have only paid me royalties once in 5 years despite the book selling more than an handful of copies. I even picked one up in my local Tesco which, according to the publisher, had never bought any stock and I keep finding them for sale on Amazon as "second-hand" so someone must have bought them "first-hand"!

I therefore think that everyone may as well have the stories for free since I have no clue who is making money out of it but it sure isn't me! But for those who want to get a taste here and then take a low cost copy seems the perfect option.

So whether you just browse the site or buy the Kindle book - I wish you tight lines.

Fish on!

If you enjoy the writing style in this website I now have my first crime fiction novel out through Wild Wolf Publishing. You can get a taster at and proceeds will go to the Help For Heroes charity.


Last favourite place to fish for marlin in the world (pretty much) is Cabo San Lucas and there is a great new booking and resource site there called - check it out if you're planning a trip to Los Cabos for Cabo fishing reports and other activities in Cabo

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